Terms of Use



  • Vets Surplus DOES NOT OFFER refunds, in lieu of refunds we do offer store credit. For certain online sales returns may be issued on a case by case basis depending on the nature of the item in question.

  • Use of this website constitutes adherence to these terms of use and are non-negotiable. Vets may use cookies to securely store some customer information (through Squarespace) to make it easier to shop through our website in the future, by disabling cookies some or all of the site may become inaccessible or non-operational to the user (deleting cookies from your browser may cause you to have to re-enter billing/payment information unless you use a third party program to store and enter this information).

  • Some items may not be eligible to be sold in your local jurisdiction or state, for items you may feel could fall into this category it is the users responsibility to research their local laws and regulations. Where available, Vets will make well known limitations on shipping apparent on both the individual item pages as well as on the main page for the online shop. Vets will not be responsible for any items or merchandise that is seized due to the user refraining from researching local laws and no credit, refunds, or returns will be accepted in this circumstance.

  • All items are sold in conditions of: NEW, USED, ONE OFF, or LESS THAN PERFECT. Due to the nature of surplus equipment and clothing, certain items will be worn or damaged in different ways compared to similar items. Vets reserves the right to adhere our merchandise to a ‘margin of error’ in regards to item condition. On certain items wear or damage may exist but will not cause the item to malfunction or cause detriment to its use. Items in a less than NEW condition will be described to the best ability as to their condition. If an item falls into a margin of error (ex. all jackets from a specific supplier or source containing a distinct pattern of wear) based on other items of the same type that may be contributed to the specific type of environment, usage in service, or method of transportation, a general disclaimer will be administered.